How we got to Here!

Cheryl has traveled extensively.

First exploring the Pacific Northwest, then much of the United States and later the Philippines, Australia, Tunisia, New Caledonia, Fiji, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Cheryl knows everywhere is unique and beautiful on it's own. The Pacific Northwest is no different.

Living in Washington State, Cheryl realized there was a lack of tour options to the outer reaches of the Pacific Northwest, so she decided to start a business and share the great Northwest with locals and visitors.

Cheryl O’Brien

Cheryl O’Brien

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Cheryl has an enormous amount of detailed, first-hand knowledge about the region's past and present. Focusing on history, heritage, geology and current trends, Cheryl spotlights destinations that include natural and man-made wonders.

Cheryl began seriously in the tourism industry in 2001, when she went to work on the Double Decker tours in downtown Seattle as a guide.

Our company was opened June 1, 2011, and has grown to 3 driver guides using our company SUVs, plus 9 Step On Guides who provide Seattle City Tours to tour groups, in their motor coaches.

Office Hours

Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday closed

Our Guides - Experienced and Professional

Some of our guides are ITMI certified, others have taken courses in the industry.

All guides adhere to our basic Mission: To provide fun and enlightening tours with an emphasis on history, heritage and geology. Our manner for conducting tours include professionalism, enthusiasm, safety, and authenticity.

We tour year-round to offer you the most options and opportunities.